Technology and Innovation

Innovating for better living in Antarctica.

The research works conducted by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) as part of the Antarctic project is generating important insights that can be used to develop pioneering technology. Such insights include those made around meteorology, nuclear, seismic and geomagnetic monitoring.

This led to the establishment of the Technology and Innovation Branch. Apart from this pioneering work, the Technology and Innovation Branch also has routine and maintenance responsibilities. They are saddled with developing and maintaining technology that will support the work of the AAD.

In essence, the Technology and Innovation Branch’s chief responsibilities include pioneering the development of new technologies that will facilitate the work of the AAD. These technologies developed will boost the AAD’s workaround managing its assets and bringing about efficiency in Antarctica’s operations. To carry out this innovative work, the Technology and Innovation Branch work with both international and local partners across various areas and capabilities.

However, to bring about efficiency in delivering its work, there has to be proper decentralisation. This decentralisation will bring about specialisation in the work that the Technology and Innovation Branch does. As a result of this, several divisions were created within the Technology and Innovation Branch.

One of such is named the Australian Antarctic Data Centre. Data is crucial in all research work, but it becomes more important in Antarctica’s sensitive work. As a result, it is pertinent that a special team be created to see the management of that data.

Another division sees the management of capabilities and facilities. The Capabilities and Facilities Section, however, has sub-divisions for efficient and quality work delivery. The section provides support for all types of projects concerning marine science carried out by the AAD. To do this, the Technology and Innovation Branch runs several laboratories and accompanying facilities.

Then there is the Instruments Workshop which is saddled with the responsibility of designing, building and repairing technical instruments used by the AAD is carrying out its work. Such instruments include its innovative LIDAR mirror system.

Furthermore, there is a division dedicated to providing technical services around Polar technology. All equipment and electronics used for the AAD research and scientific works have to be properly maintained. These instruments include technical computing devices and data acquisition apparatus used at the stations and out on the fields. To facilitate the proper delivery of its work, the technical services division runs an electronics laboratory where they test and repair equipment.

Finally, there is the Design Group. The Group’s role is to develop designs for the development of specialised equipment and Instruments used by the AAD in its projects. This Group has operational and domain experience in software and mechatronics, amongst other core areas. They serve as advisers to the AAD on important matters surrounding innovation and technology.

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