Welcome To P&O Polar

P&O Polar was created to be chiefly engaged in the Research ownership and management of Aurora Australis.  P&O Polar is a limited liability subsidiary of P&O Australia Ltd., which in turn is a solely owned subsidiary of DP World.

Some of the areas we focus on are;

Climate Research

The climate research of P&O Polar examines the role of the southern ocean and Antarctica in the world’s climate system. This research’s focus has always been to address the uncertainties that have been identified in the assessment report of the IPCC.

Conversation And Management

Our biodiversity conservation research probes how environmental change trends impact the terrestrial, coastal, and marine ecosystems of the Antarctic and sub-antarctic. These researches provide the scientific basis to guide policymaking for environmental protection of these ecosystems.

Human Impact & Remediation

Current waste administration practised in Antarctica are presently more refined compared to the past decades. Open removal of waste is not, at this point allowed. Nevertheless, today, there is somewhere in the range of 1 and 10 million cubic meters of polluted material in Antarctica. This raises the need for a remediation effort.

Frontier Science

Our Frontier Science aims to encourage and support high-quality research beyond the priorities of the other research areas but within Australia’s national research priorities. Frontier science projects are chosen based on scientific excellence and the need for the work to be possible only in the Southern Ocean or Antarctica.

Technology And Innovation

Innovation is the bedrock of every society, and the P&O Polar is imputing that into its operations. With technology and innovation, P&O Polar can create instruments and systems to improve living in Antarctica.

Aurora Australis

The flagship of the Australia Antarctica project is the Aurora Australis. Managed by P&O Polar, the ship is well equipped to cater to the expeditions' day-to-day needs while onboard. It also serves research and supply purposes.


The stations are permanent locations for scientists and expeditions to research Antarctica and the prospects that exist therein.

Field Operations

One of the highlights of venturing out to Antarctica is engaging in field operations away from the stations. However, there are rules to be observed by expeditioners when they embark on these trips.


While fun and interesting, life in Antarctica are not the same as life in Australia and other continents. As such, expeditioners have to be equipped with basic coping, personal management and safety skills needed for living in Antarctica.

Travel & Logistics

Movement is one crucial need of expeditioners, from Australia to Antarctica and within Antarctica. There are several options available, ranging from air to vehicle and water transport.

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